What an amazing God we serve!!!

ImageWow, is really the thought I have when I think of how far the Lord has brought us on this journey so far. Friends and family it has been an adventure a bumpy one at times, and although it is far from over. Perhaps it has just begun.

I am sure you all may know by now, but if you haven’t been updated, here’s the latest news from the Jones family.


I know what your thinking. How in the world did you go from country living to jungle living? It was the entire Lord’s doing. As we were focusing our attention and prayers on when and where in the U.S He wanted us to go, and how we were going to buy, find work, etc. He already had a plan. He wanted us to do our preparation and move forward in faith. So we did. To make a long story short, we were provided with the opportunity to join a missionary family who has purchased land to start a true education school in Thailand. We will be joining them June 24, 2012. I will be receiving medical missionary training and A.J bible worker training. When staff housing is built, we will be staying on the property, which is fifteen acres of lush tropical landscape.

We will keep you all updated. We hope you all follow us on this physical and spiritual journey to live the life Christ desires for us.



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