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So we awoke today in our Guesthouse and got dressed and ready to eat breakfast and do a little exploring of our area. The moment we leave our room the girls are mobbed by the staff, I literally have to pry the girls from their hugs to get anywhere. Thais love children and being a little girl with curly hair and dark skin makes you an anomaly here. They love to hug and asked questions and hold their little hands and just smile and laugh. It is truly sweet! (Don’t worry Mom..we don’t let them out of our sight!) 🙂

First stop breakfast, A.J had eggs and toast, the girls had pancakes and potatoes, and I had egg rolls and mixed vegetable stir fry. The food was yummy. The funny thing I noticed was that the food didn’t come out at the same time as it does in a restaurant back home. We were wondering why did Alayna receive her pancakes 20 minutes before Aubrey received hers. Well I realized that the workers were running back and forth on their motorbikes to buy the ingredients as we ordered them and some came back quicker than others. A bit different, but it was fresh.

Before breakfast as we left the guesthouse property we were approached by a woman who spoke limited english. We finally realized she wanted to take us on a 4 hour motorbike tour. We thought..thanks but were going to just walk around.

During breakfast I noticed she never left, she just sat right across the street from us and waited. When we finished breakfast and passed her way she immediately ran towards us again to explain as best she could her tours and fares. She was sweet and we thought with the kids it may be best to take a limited tour on a bike instead of walking, but definitely not 4 hours. The girls were so excited and waved to everyone and everything they saw and were screaming Sawadee Khaa (which means hello). People waved, smiled and said Happy, Happy. It must be a Thai thing…I love it!

The tour was wonderful we saw quite a bit and took tons of pictures. We went to an outdoor market were the clothes are very inexpensive, I wish I would have listened and done my Thailand shopping in Thailand. They also played music in the market near a record shop and the closer we moved toward it of course the louder it became. Now Alayna  instinctively moves when she hears Any kind of music. I have no idea where this comes from and we assume she just loves music. So Alayna in the center of the square proceeds to pull her hand away from Daddy to dance in the square much to the amazement of everyone. People began to laugh to make sounds to get others attention which produced even more laughter, one man began to dance as well. It was quite hilarious. And we have it on video.

Everyone is napping now, when they awake we will go out for dinner and relax around the hotel. Hope you enjoyed the update.

More pics at:  www.picasaweb.google.com/adrielj2


4 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Wow!!!That sounds soooo exciting. I am glad you are having fun. I am glad the girls are having fun!!!! You do tell a good story. It makes me feel like I am there. Fresh food on the spot…AWESOME….That is so funny that Alayna dances in the square. She must be doing like David. Hope they like to sing too. Getting ready to go to JA but we won’t make the mission trip that Ft Worth 1st is planning. We will be on the other side of town and Daddy has to work half the week anyway. I am praying for them, though. Be blest, enjoy, keep posting. Love you.

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