We are in our rental home now!!

We have moved in and are slowly getting settled in. I tell ya, a Thai housewife sure works harder than an American one, That is for sure! I am washing dishes after Every meal, by hand. Without a Sink….Yes, without a sink. I must take our dirty dishes off the back porch down the stairs and using two large bowls and a hose, I wash by hand. But I’m not complaining, it is all quite fun, and I often have to sneak and wash before Aubrey catches me as she loves to wash too. 

The bathrooms are a whole other story I am not sure I will ever discuss. But hey, It’s building character 🙂

I also clean at least twice a day. Why so much you ask?! Because if I don’t an army of ants and flies will in a matter of 20 minutes smell and come to devour whatever morsel has dropped on the floor. The good thing is that it is common to eat outside. So we all eat outside on the porch, it’s great. Here in Thailand or at least this area everyone leaves their windows and doors open. The initial thought of living cohesively with bugs as the windows and doors are open was a bit too much too soon for me. But what could I do…I’m here already! It would be rude to say sorry can’t stay here take me back to the hotel. Instead I sucked it up and chose to accept the inevitable, that although I knew I would be living this way with bugs although I didn’t think so soon it is time. But I am not on my time, I am on the Lords and He said it was time. So I am happy and surprisingly the bugs aren’t so bad. I noticed that if I clenr at least twice a day it keeps them at bay.

The first day we arrived we put our luggage down and the next day they were full of ants. That’s when we realized that was a no, no. We have a large container to keep our dry goods and delicate items in and we will be buying more of those soon, as they help keep the critters out of things. 

The property is beautiful, we are in the countryside about 45 minutes away from the largest city, which is small. The Quick family have been so wonderful and gracious to us and we only hope that we can pay them back for their generosity. 

We also visited the farm the other day and helped plant rice. That was a blast! It was hard work but we all loved it. The farm is just breath taking to look at, it is about 10 minutes from us and through the jungle, over the large hill behind the property and about 3km is the jungle of Burma (Myanmar). So this property is way out there. There is a vegetable garden, tapioca, and now rice. The lake was nice, a bit low due to lack of good rain this rainy season but still quite impressive. 

The school building is coming along quite nicely, two student homes are almost finished and our new home is in the beginning stages as they are working on the foundation. We are praying that our home will be done within 2 months, but we understand that we aren’t in control. 

The girls were so happy to make a new friend today. Our neighbor has a daughter about 7 or so. Her name is She-Wan, oh the girls are so excited ! She doesn’t speak english, but she is eager for friends. I’m excited too 🙂


Our computer has slow internet connection here and it is difficult for me to post pictures as they take so long to upload. Please check out our picture blog at:


8 thoughts on “We are in our rental home now!!

  1. I’m so excited for you all…and your constantly in my thoughts and prayers. It always brings me a smile to see my email pop up with your update! I love it! HUGS to everyone!

  2. Wow…awesome!!! lol..getting used to the life. I grew up like that and you are right, it is fun and once you get the hang of what you need to do and fall in a routine, you will be doing it with your eyes closed. Hey, as for the bugs, like I always tell the boys, say Psalm 91 and all your plagues “shall fall at they right hand”. I am happy that all is well. Praise the Lord. I can’t wait for the next post. Take care. Love you. Kisses

    ps we are in JA and it is HOT!!! but fun. I am having LOTS of mangoes… 🙂

  3. I’m happy you guys are getting settled in! The whole bug thing going on in Thailand would be a bit much for me LOL but you get used to it I suppose. AJ said yall eat a lot of rice, have you tried coconut rice? it is soo good :0)

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