Church Time

We have only visited two churches since being here as there aren’t many SDA Churches are any churches for that matter around. We have church at the farm when we don’t get out.

One Sabbath we visited a very small church closer to the Burma border. It was in the village of Burmese refugees seeking asylum in Thailand. The pastor of the congregation suffered from polio and preach sitting in his chair. Service was longer than usual because they spoke in their native Karen language and the service had to be translated for us.  But it was certainly a blessing. It is so neat to see people of different languages and culture who are on the same page with their quest for salvation and beliefs (for the most part) as you.

The following Sabbath we visited the famous Bamboo School. It is an Adventist orphanage about an hour drive from us. It is run by a lone woman from NZ with about 73 children living there. Her name is Cat and she also runs a clinic and ambulance service, Yes she is very busy. She does however have a steady stream of volunteers coming and going from all over the world.

This particular Sabbath our friend Nathan was to baptize 6 young girls from the orphanage. It was an exciting day for them. He spent so much time with them and making sure they sure that they were indeed ready for the commitment. They were ready and determined to give their lives to Christ. It was a beautiful day in the outdoor pavilion that is their church which over looks the lake on the property. We had church service followed by Sabbath school ( Backwards I know:), lunch, then the baptisms.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. 🙂

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