So Much!

So much has happened since I last posted. Sorry about the delay.

So last we moved into our rental home. We are quite settled in now. The girls have made a friend with the neighbor’s daughter named Whan. She is about 10 years old and very happy to have playmates of any age it seems. As are my girls :). We are having some translation issues with her at the moment, but we hope to have it all worked out soon. You see, she has mad herself a little to comfortable in our home, and apparently what she is doing is not what she would do if she were in a Thai’s home. So we have relegated her to the front porch for the time being. What gets me is she will do something naughty and then give me the sweetest smile you could ever imagine. But I must say that she has shown an interest in the girls Bibles, and Jesus story books. She even enjoys the few bible movies we watch, especially David and Goliath. I hope to one day be able to communicate effectively with her and explain more to her about the pictures she stares at in the bible. She will usually rush to the desk and grab one of the girls bibles and hide behind the front door and stare at all the pictures. Her being devout Buddhist I find if so beautiful that she has an interest in Jesus.

Whan also has taken a liking to my cooking. Either that or she’s being starved at home :P. When she smells me cooking she runs over. And when asked if she would like to eat she bows her head and shyly nods yes.

She is out of school more than she is in, so she is around a lot so she usually eat three meals a day with us. We feel like we have a third daughter. Sometimes she brings over a friend to eat as well. We find this hilarious that they will eat our cooking. Perhaps they want to try these Americans cooking skills.

Please pray for Whan That somehow Christ can be revealed to her and that she will accept Him into her life.

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