The Market…

I love going to the outdoor markets! The smells are strong and sometimes overpowering, the colors are vibrant and alive, and a pure delight to the senses. The food is fresh and locally grown, usually pesticide, insecticide, fungicide, and absolutely GMO free. I love it! The foods taste great no matter how you cook them. My favorite new recipe is Pumpkin Curry. The pumpkin here look and taste different, they are quite sweet.

The people in the markets here stare and I am sure wonder what in the world are we doing around their neck of the world. You see, we are in a very rural countryside and there aren’t many tourist who come this way, let alone black ones.

They seem to be absolutely fascinated with the girl’s hair. They can not help themselves from touching and feeling the difference in texture. When I pull a strand of the girl’s hair and then let it go, for them to see it curl back up, truly astounds them. It cracks me up to see the surprise and amazement in their faces :). They are warm and smile a lot. Thai’s absolutely love children, they go to great lengths to get the girls attention and when the girls greet them in Thai they go wild with excitement and warm laughter. They want to hold, hug, give treats to them, and make them smile.

The market usually has vendors that sell one particular product i.e fruit, vegetables, cook foods, insects etc. We are getting used to the fruits. They taste nothing like anything we have ever eaten. At ALL! The textures are not those you would associate with fruit. Alayna loves Mangosteen. It is a dark red fruit that is cut across the center, pulled open to reveal a fleshy halved white center which is the edible portion. We have had some of the best Mangoes and Pineapples here.

I don’t understand the insects that are eaten here. There are always roaches, rather large roaches for sale even if other insects aren’t. The locals will pick them up and smell them to choose the best. Ugghh! By the way the roaches fly here :P.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope you feel the colors as I do 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The Market…

  1. Hey! One of those pictures looked like durian fruit! Have you had it yet?! Its the happy fruit (if you can get past the smell, lol)

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