Back from Laos~ Sorry for the delay

The trip to Laos was long, tiring and sometimes confusing. But it was well worth it. We started out with a ride to town. From there we rode a van for hire to Bangkok train station. Purchased tickets for Laos and were told the bus did not leave for several hours. So with the extra time we decided to find a local Indian restaurant. A friendly cab driver knew of one and promised us that it was not too far from the train station and off we went, zipping in and out of traffic to make it quickly there. The food was great, and after we stuffed our tummies A.J began the task of flagging down a taxi so we could catch our bus. 

We made it with time to spare. The buses are not anything like a greyhound bus back home. These are much nicer, flat screen T.Vs, clean restrooms, and comfortable reclining seats. They also have double decks, which the girls thought was quite cool. We sat at the very front of the top level on our way to Laos. 

Off we went for a 9 hour ride through Northern Thailand. It was evening; we choose to travel at night because of the girls. So sorry no pictures of the Northern countryside. 

When we finally arrived in Laos, we caught a cab to our hotel, we quickly got settled in and searched for another Indian restaurant (we like Indian :). We had a blast riding the Tuk Tuks and talking with the Lao people.

We were told that the Lao people weren’t very warm and welcoming, nothing like the Thais. I must say that although we were only there a short time, I found the Lao people to be immensely kind hearted, and genuine. There’s were an indescribable warmth to them that just drew me to them. Also here in Thailand we receive lots of stares from the people. Not only because were foreigners, but because in our area they don’t see very many blacks. Sometimes the stares seem downright rude, although I do understand the curiosity. In Laos the people were curious, but were so respectful and I noticed not a single rude or extended stare. Just inquisitive and welcoming looks.

The city we visited was Vientiane, the capitol of Laos. It’s not much there, but I really enjoyed the place. I felt a connection to Laos that I cannot describe. I hope to one day visit the Northern rural areas and perhaps work with the people there someday.

I am sorry to my followers for the delay; I will make a greater effort to update here more often. Thank you for your interest, and please feel free to ask any questions you may have or leave a comment if you like.





3 thoughts on “Back from Laos~ Sorry for the delay

  1. Hey! (its about time you blogged something) (just kiddin’, lol) thanx for the update. So do the Lao people speak thai, or more english than the thai people or do they have their own lao dialect or a variation of all three? If its different, how so? thanx!

  2. sounds like fun. would have loved to ride the bus and just relax. how your thai coming on? yeah, what do the lao people speak? glad you are having fun and settling in nicely..did AJ start teaching yet? how’s that part going? blessings…all is well here…talk to you soon.

  3. My Thai is Nit Nui…Very little. I’m not rushing it. A. J is not teaching as of yet, he is not looking forward to teaching so soon again. We are currently in MM Training. The bus ride is very nice and relaxing 🙂 Glad you all are well, thxs for the update

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