Singapore Trip

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My Aunts and cousin have been in town and wanted to take a girls trip to Singapore. My Aunt was gracious enough to pay for a poor missionary to tag along, and we tried to see all that we could. It is a lot more modern there than the area I live here in Thailand. English is the common language and the SGD= Singapore Dollar is almost equal to US. We did a tour of Little India, Chinatown, the world-famous Orchard Road, and the Marina area.

Singapore is small. But it is one of the most diverse Asian countries I have seen so far. Also 85% of Singaporeans live in government housing. Which means there is only 15% of the population with wealth. The Government housing ranges in price from $70,00-$300,000. For a private Apartment, not home the prices Start at $500,000. There is also no minimum wage.

As for the people… Well not much to tell. Singaporeans seem to keep to themselves and we noticed on the train rides around town that no one speaks, smiles, or laughs with one another. Quite strange! We also noticed an extreme amount of cameras everywhere. One of my Aunts stated that the people seemed like Robots, which made me realized that the people we had seen up to that point indeed did seem robotic.

Well as it turns on our flight back to Bangkok I got to chatting with a man from Singapore. I ask him a few questions that we were all very curious about. He was a little hesitant to answer, but also seemed eager. We chatted and I received a better understanding of Singapore.

I must say the trip was fun and I just had to pinch myself a few times as it just seemed so surreal that my family were there with me. Once we got back to Bangkok A.J was there waiting for me, he missed me so much 🙂 The girls went out to enjoy the night market while A.J and I held our babies in the hotel room.

I promised to never leave him behind again 🙂 Enjoy the pictures!!!


2 thoughts on “Singapore Trip

    • Thanks, it feels kind of surreal to have them here. But it’s been great! It is great to hear from you as well. How are those handsome boys? We would love a visit from the family. Do I need to start planning this for you all? 🙂 Love you much 🙂

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