I know, I know! It’s been awhile. But hey, you wanna hear about our trip to Malaysia

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So as A.J mentioned on his blog we had to do another border run. It may sound like a hassle to some of you, but we enjoy them. We try our best to explore and experience the places we visit as much as we can. So this trip we choose Malaysia. We headed to Penang Island, first we had to take a train to Malaysia. Oh boy, did the girls love that! The train was so cool. It is Asia though, so it may have been a turn off for some. We embraced it! The seats at night are adjusted to beds and every bed has a curtain for privacy. The bathrooms were the same size as airplanes, but the toilets were Thai style, hole in the floor. The hole actually was open to the bottom of the train where all the waste went. I really felt sorry for the people living along the train tracks. After our 20 hour train ride we caught a ferry to Penang Island, then a bus to our hotel. It was a special time also as the trip fell on our anniversary. So we decided to do something special. We planned to do our necessary paperwork on Penang Island, Malaysia and after that ferry over to Langkawi Island. Well getting to Langkawi Island is not easy as we found out.

There were only two ferries going to Langkawi, both in the am. We could not leave until the afternoon as we had to wait for our passports. The ferry guide whom we were to purchase ferry tickets from was so concerned for us and wanted to help us. He told us that there was another ferry service and hour away that leaves every hour and that he would drive our family there for a very reasonable price. We told him we would think it over and get back to him. When traveling without a tour guide or agency figuring out the logistics of how to get around places in a foreign country can be a little mind boggling. We usually do pretty well, but this one ferry ride had us stumped. We choose in the end to use our now new friend to take us an hour away to the hourly ferry. He and his lovely wife drove us all the way with two rambunctious kiddos in the back :). I really liked them, they were so kind and helpful, people like them are very rare these days and we hope to be good friends for a long time to come. We finally made it to Langkawi! The hotel is on Datai beach on the Andaman Sea. The water was full of coral and beautiful sea shells. The sounds of the waves were the most melodious sounds ever. We stayed for 5 days at this lovely resort which is in a tropical rainforest and full of cheeky monkeys, flying lemurs, and more. The moment I would open the patio door the monkeys would rush to enter our room. But they weren’t fast enough for me :P. The girls of course loved everything about the whole trip, especially the slide at the pool and when the monkeys visited. We relaxed, met great people, and enjoyed the beauty that God created. It was a great anniversary week. We knew we would do something nice for our 8 year anniversary prior to leaving the states and set funds aside for it early on, but we had no clue that we would find such an awesome place to celebrate.

Then it was back to our long journey home. We met more new friends and have kept in touch and plan to be lifelong friends. The kids really attract so much attention and are the stars wherever we go. It is beautiful to see how they light up any room they enter.

Malaysia is an absolutely beautiful country, the people we met there were kind and helpful. The people were of many different religions and colors. I have seen so many with the most beautiful dark skin colors with deep olive tones, just beautiful people.


6 thoughts on “I know, I know! It’s been awhile. But hey, you wanna hear about our trip to Malaysia

  1. The trip sounds really awesome, you all are becoming some real “road warriors”. Happy Anniversary! Hug the girls for me! Remember to pass a hug on to Wan too!

  2. whoa!!! girl, trip after trip after trip…sounds like amazing fun…I am glad you are getting to see places. sounds so divine…It’s great to hear from you and that all is well. I thought about you today and prayed for you and Praise God, there you are….later, heading to OK to do a program in Ada, Ok this weekend.

    • Thank you , thank you, thank you for the prayers. What a great friend indeed! They are much needed and appreciated. We are indeed well and enjoying the time and work here. I pray that the program was a great success. How are the boys doing? Well I am sure, what a great mom you are. Chat with you later. Bless you!

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