What in the world are we up to????

First I would like to say that I am so sorry that my posts haven’t been very detailed about what is going on here with the ministry. The reality is that everything is new and we are here assisting a ministry that started only 1 year prior to our arrival. A lot has happened in the 5 months that we have been here and something’s happen quickly, but most are very slow. We have finally moved onto the farm. We were just waiting on the building of it and lastly we all chipped in to paint. It is an adjustment to transition to rural living with no electricity. But there are ways around the difficulties. For instance we are using a inverter connected to a car battery to charge for short power. It helps a ton. We thought about a generator and they are available but we are hoping that electricity will be here soon. What’s the hold up? Well it seems that you have to go through the military in this area and for some reason they have been giving The Quick family a hard time about this. But we are moving along anyway and I will keep you posted on the electricity situation. We are on the road to self-sustainability and this time without electricity is only a preparing and learning adventure for the future.

Without electricity we have no running water. But we do have a well on the property. We use a generator to pump the water into a large holding tank and then fill our buckets and haul our water in for daily uses. The girls find this to be fun, but when they help Mom and Dad carry the buckets back they do not realize that we are the ones really hauling the load as they just kind of hang on :P. We cook on a 2 burner camping stove and it works great! Refrigeration you ask? Well they sell these large containers all over that everyone seems to own. I would best describe it as a very large cooler. We buy large blocks of ice from the local gas station and place them in the bottom of the coolers. Now if you don’t want your food stuff swimming in water you have to open the bottom plug and allow it to drain. So our two fridges are outdoors for the time being. If we can find  large enough pans to collect the water underneath we will perhaps bring them inside. This would be nice :).

With the school being completed and approved now they are moving forward with English classes. They will begin next month. The English classes are a wonderful gateway to introduce the people to Christ. The Quick family will eventually start a true education school. For those who are not SDA a true education school in simple terms is one where the curriculum is based on the Creator and receiving His knowledge as it is the true foundation for all knowledge. It will consist of Theology, health, agriculture, and life skills.

People arrive to the school who have heard of the plans for English classes to inquire about joining. English language is widely desired here and they understand that it is the universal language. Some people are just curious about us foreigners and what to know why we are here and hence they learn about Jesus.

On a personal note, A.J and I have met so many wonderful people in our travels and some have expressed interest in our beliefs. It is so heartwarming when we see people with a childlike curiosity. But the work takes time. Some have been so steeped into their religion and beliefs that the best thing for us to do is not beat them over the head with the bible, but be their friends and meet their needs as we can. We love making new friends so this is an easy task, especially for A.J who we all know is a social butterfly. I am still a little socially awkward, but my heart is always in the right place and the Lords knows this and He will work through me as I allow Him into my heart each day to do His will. We don’t know what all God has planned for us but we know under His watchful eye and care we cannot fail. We are merely here to do His service. The lack of electricity, running water, bugs, and other unpleasantries are only the fire to mold us into His image as long as we don’t lose sight of Him.

I think of Wan our 10 year old neighbor and how she was just mesmerized with the girls Uncle Arthur books and the pictures of Angels and Jesus. She would listen intently when I would read the bible stories to the girls. She would often take one or a bible and hide behind the door and study each picture. We did not speak the same language but we were able to communicate, even if very slightly. I hope to give her a Thai bible soon, they are a little hard to come by. I hope her parents will let her have and keep it.

Well I guess that’s it for know. I sometimes am not sure what to write about. So if there is anything you would like to know more about please let me know. Whether it be our day to day chores and work around the farm , the girls, or simply wanting to know my day to day feelings on things.

Thank you all for your reading, comments, prayers, and support


4 thoughts on “What in the world are we up to????

  1. lol, you answered you own question bro! So what are your daily chores? Does it change over the weekend? Do you see any evidence of freemasonry there? Since being removed from the states do you see that you are spending more time in the Word? thanx!

    • Hi Phil. Are you getting me confused with A.J? 😛 My chores are different than his. My chores are more centered around the girls and the up keeping of the home. Which requires more work than it did in the states. We are still getting settle and in the coming days the girls and I will start to landscape our yard and help out with the communal gardens. I am noticing that the girls are picking up on a broader learning and understanding of things. I do not do standard schooling with them. No 5 days a week 7 hours a day anything. Just work on things at a cool relaxed pace with Christ as the center of all. A short time after my aunts left Aubrey began spelling words I worked with her on prior to my aunts arrival. Just out of the blue. That’s how we work it, In her own time! We try and learn about a different animal, insect, etc each week. They love that the most. Sorry this is mom talk, lol

  2. wow, you are really getting into this. Praise God for all that’s going on. It’s takes a little adjusting to these day to day things that we think are inconveniences but it’s getting back to basics…lol…glad the girls are having…guess you will all have some muscles very soon:-) Blessings.

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