14 The 1888 Revival

Sabbath Sermons

By John Thiel, The Consummation of the Everlasting Covenant Conference, Study 14, Audio: The 1888 Revival

The hymn ‘Weary of Earth’ reminds us of the experience of Gods people during the time of judgement when our sins are unveiled before us by the fact that we have fallen. Evil is ever with us day by day. Don’t you feel it? In spite of that mine ears hear the gracious tidings, repent, return, thou shalt be loosed of all. We want to really understand that voice and what he means when he says just repent and return, you will be loosed of all. Don’t doubt, cease restless will. Do you have a lonely strife?

Cease, restless will! thy lonely strife resign !

I know too well how little strength is mine ;

Grant me, dear Lord, Thy saving love to see !

I strive no more, I give myself to Thee.

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