Singapore Trip

My Aunts and cousin have been in town and wanted to take a girls trip to Singapore. My Aunt was gracious enough to pay for a poor missionary to tag along, and we tried to see all that we could. It is a lot more modern there than the area I live here in Thailand. … Continue reading

Headed to Laos

Tonight we will be taking a trip over to Laos. We are quite excited to visit another Asian country, especially one that has not had it’s natural beauty destroyed or changed in many centuries. Why Laos? Well we have to do a ‘border run’. Thailand has strict immigration laws.  Hopefully we will have time to take many pictures for you … Continue reading


I will give an update tomorrow on the girls suspected measles outbreak, including the natural remedies I am using to treat them and photo’s of their progress. Stay Posted 🙂   UPDATE: The girls don’t seem to have Measles. It is some other virus that has since passed without incident. We were a little disappointed as we … Continue reading

Church Time

We have only visited two churches since being here as there aren’t many SDA Churches are any churches for that matter around. We have church at the farm when we don’t get out. One Sabbath we visited a very small church closer to the Burma border. It was in the village of Burmese refugees seeking asylum in Thailand. The … Continue reading

The Market…

I love going to the outdoor markets! The smells are strong and sometimes overpowering, the colors are vibrant and alive, and a pure delight to the senses. The food is fresh and locally grown, usually pesticide, insecticide, fungicide, and absolutely GMO free. I love it! The foods taste great no matter how you cook them. My favorite … Continue reading