Raena’s Personal Thoughts

Just a thought: You know I have never really cared much about fashion or what’s in for the season(rolling my eyes) . Disclaimer: I am in no way criticizing anyone who does. But I though this am about a particular article of clothing I have had since I was 18 years old. It still works for me, and to have lasted this long being a favorite of mine is a testament within itself. It takes me forever to decided what I like and sometimes I grab the next best thing because the options I would like are not available or way overpriced. Good quality clothing doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I choose to follow the path less taken in many areas of my life. I am sure some people may think they know what others should and shouldn’t do, but the reality is Who has chosen your choice of clothing? You or the people and media that influence your life? Just a thought!



Trying to get accustomed to another culture has been a challenge to say the least. There are so many do’s and don’ts and we certainly don’t want to do the don’ts. There seems to be an unspoken class system here between Thais and immigrants. The Burmese in particular. When the Burmese are employed by a Thai they must not only do their assigned task, but anything else the employer asks them to do. If the employer needs help with something at 12pm the employee must help. The work schedule for everyone Thai’s and immigrants is usually one day off a month. Some schedules are one month with no days off and the following month with two off days. People in Thailand work very hard.

Our Burmese neighbors who work for our landlord just purchased their very first vehicle. It is an old pick up, the bed is rusted out. Nevertheless he is So Proud of his new truck. He washes it five times a day. One night I went to check on the girls and I heard water running. It had to be about 10pm. As I looked out the window I realized he was washing his truck again, at 10pm.

I am happy for him, this is a great achievement for his family. They appreciate everything here.


4 thoughts on “Raena’s Personal Thoughts

  1. Great to see that you have completed this part of the trip! Can’t wait for the next post! Hi to the girls and AJ, they were a big hit here! (and ofcourse you too!0

    • Thanks Rose! We enjoyed seeing everyone, it was so great to see the girls interacting with their family :).
      We will see you soon and in the mean while hope you enjoy the post and pics. It is so beautiful here 🙂

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