Day to Day Life

So as many of you have heard, the school here is open, and English classes are in full swing. The community is very eager to learn English. It is the global language. Thais in this area near the Burma( Myanmar) border are also aware that the roads here will be opening up soon as Burma is opening itself slowly to the rest of the world.

A.j now has his work permit and the girls and I have our non-immigrant o visa’s. We just check in every 90 days and that’s it. No more frequent border runs. Although we did enjoy them.

Speaking of border run, we just returned from Lao, what a crazy time we had there. We forgot some paper  work, mix up with hotels, fumbling tuk tuk drivers, etc. We did however meet up with an awesome couple from the States we met last time we did a border run to Lao. I know! What a coincidence. We did lunch and dinner together, great times! We also met another family from the states. Great times again! The trip to Lao is long but we really like it there. The aircon on the bus (it was freezing  did however cause the girls to get sick. I will reveal my home remedy for them in the next post :).

Here at the farm it is calm (most of the time), and peaceful. We have settled in well to living without electricity. It would be nice to have soon though :D. We haul water from the big holding tank about 30 feet away and fill it into a large garbage can in our bathroom. We use that water to bath, flush toilet, wash hands, dishes etc. Refrigeration consists of two large red cooler like containers. We fill them with large blocks of ice that they sell at every store and gas station every two days. Everything takes more work and thoughtfulness. Every food item must be protected from bugs. They will get into Everything. I have found ants in places you wouldn’t believe!   We do have some power at the school as they have a large generator there, but we rarely use it. We use an invertor. It is a device that takes power from a car battery that can be used for most low wattage household devices( except my flat iron ). We use it to charge the phones, computer, DVD player, and for a lamp.

IMG_6078 IMG_6117 IMG_6119 IMG_6118

We have been doing well in regards to bugs and such. I was however recently stung on the hand by a scorpion. But I recovered within 24 hours. It was quite painful. But we notice that if we get in and close doors and such by night fall it reduces bug population in the home. The scorpions, I have no clue how they get in. But they do. I have killed 3 just today in the house.

We are exploring the surrounding jungles more and more. Aubrey is handy with a machete. Alayna may never have the chance to own one, lol.

Some people we hope who are attending the English classes will have questions for us about our religion as many of them are already curious and wanting a change in their lives.

Please keep us in your prayers, that the Lord may continue to watch over us and protect us, and also pray for those here who are seeking out the voice that has been calling them.